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Feb 14, 2018


  • We have 5 very different and creative kids on this episode along with a few grown ups to chat about these ideas- including Chance McCoy from the band Old Crow Medicine Show and his 11 year old son Edwin talking about their unique relationship. 
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Jan 25, 2018

  • Creativity in Education. It's challenging and so worth pursuing. In this episode we talk with a brilliant little artist and many teachers doing this important work.
  • Thanks to teachers on this episode: Brittany Berry, Stephanie Munden, Linda Skelton, Luke Smith, Erica Gillespie, Donna Smith and Amelia Duong
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Dec 21, 2017

  • If we never took risks, nothing would ever be created. BUT GEEZ it's scary sometimes. Kids often get it right, so we called in one of the bravest kids we know and her mama to school us on creative risk-taking.
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Dec 7, 2017


  • It's so much more than what color you paint the walls. We're talking about fostering a Creative Environment- at home, in the classroom, in the workplace, in the world. 
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Nov 23, 2017

  • Tiny Episode number 2 is here! We're talking gratitude + cluing you in to our biggest announcement all year long- Art Feeds programs can now happen anywhere! 
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